Improve your Dynamics ERP solution with a timely upgrade



Safe, Efficient Upgrades

Every business goes through change and part of that includes changes in what you require as an ERP solution. The word ‘upgrade’ can drive fear into the heart of business owners as it is often associated with huge costs and excessive downtime.

ECS works hard to make your upgrades easy. Whether you are an existing or a new client, we take you through a step by step approach so you stay in control of what is happening and the process is smooth and stress free.


We will need to install or confirm existing infrastructure and install software to your system. We review the Servers available, and install upgraded server software and services. We also install the new ERP client software where required.

We will then run a workshop aiming to confirm which modifications are required and which are obsolete, as well as review new ERP or Add-on functionality.


We will merge any customizations that are still required in the new Microsoft Dynamics ERP software. At the same time, we will perform a general tidy up of modifications, to ensure they adhere to the standards of the new version.


During Upgradation, we will:

  • Test modifications still function as required
  • Check data transferred successfully
  • Test the database on any new or upgraded infrastructure
  • Review SQL Server performance

Testing is carried out jointly by ECS and your staff, with a Conference Room Pilot to verify new or changed functionality if required.

Preparing for Go Live

We will review the results of the Test phase to confirm we are ok to Go Live, and provide User Training for any new functionality.

Cut Over and Go Live

Cutover is the process of moving from your existing system onto the new version. Using the timeframes recorded in the test data conversion, we will know the downtime required. Often an overnight or weekend cutover is required for minimal impact to your business.

Our consultants will be on site to provide support during the first few days of live running on your new system.