Build competitive performance with intelligent training in Dynamics ERP



It is standard practice in our industry to include training as part of the implementation of any new ERP system. Key users in each functional area are gathered together in a training room and shown how the new system works. In addition, there is usually some hands-on support during go-live.

Unfortunately, after that they are often left to fend for themselves.

Consequently, systems are not used as effectively as they might be and they tend to deteriorate over time. Processes become inefficient and data becomes inaccurate.

Of course, one could get everyone back into the classroom ... but this never happens !

The ECS solution is to provide Dynamics ERP Training Clinics – an opportunity on a routine basis for your staff to visit the doctor for practical help.

Dynamics ERP training clinics

  • Customized to your staff training needs
  • Available for businesses whose systems we have installed
  • Scheduled to fit in with your operational demands
  • Developed in consultation with your trusted ECS Advisor
  • Can cover anything from refresher training to new modules
  • Incorporate new trends and advances in technology
  • Can be delivered on your premises or in our central training facility