Drive Your Business Productivity with Dynamics ERP


Continually Improve Your Business

The emphasis of ECS’s work for you is to produce long-term business benefits - we want to help you to continually improve your business. Regular System Reviews of your Dynamics ERP system every six months are the means to achieve this.

Starting three months after implementation of your new system, as a post-implementation review, or immediately if we are assuming responsibility for your Dynamics ERP support, as a system audit, we will undertake a system review with you.

The System Review Process

One of our Senior Consultants, your trusted advisor, will facilitate a workshop with your key staff and then write a report.

This workshop will cover such questions as:

  • Did the implementation achieve the objectives and benefits sought?
  • Is there any outstanding work to be done?
  • Identify any bottlenecks or areas in need of improvement
  • Does the IT strategy align with the business strategy?
  • New developments in systems and software
  • Identify any new requirements
  • Identify further training requirements

The report will detail the findings of the workshop along with our recommendations to further improve your systems and procedures.


The system review process provides the focus for us to plan the work we do for you. It enables us to be proactive and to prioritizes what will yield the best results. Through effective planning we will deliver better value to you, extend the life of your system, and increase the return on your investment.

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