Ongoing Support for your Dynamics ERP Operations

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Ongoing Support for your Dynamics ERP Operations

A problem many businesses find with their Dynamics ERP software and systems is that once they are in place, you are basically left to fend yourself. Some providers offer a help desk but it can be sporadic and you may be dealing with many different and/or inconsistent personnel. While other providers simply ‘drop and run’ - so you have no support whatsoever.

Because ECS values long term relationships, ongoing support for your Dynamics ERP system is a fundamental part of our offering. We’re not the ‘invisible IT guys’ who you never see. Our consultants are experienced, friendly experts who will work to develop a close relationship with you and provide helpful, customized Dynamics ERP support.

ECS provides its clients with a range of ongoing ERP support services including:

  • Analysis, design and programming of enhancements
  • The development of specific modules
  • Electronic helpline
  • Systems administration
  • On-site support
  • Process improvement
  • Dynamics ERP and SQL performance tuning
  • Implementation of software upgrades
  • Training clinics

Some of the above can be bundled into a portfolio of services, and delivered for a fixed monthly fee if you wish.

Contact us now to find out more about ECS’s operations support.